Green Nature Health Care Products Ltd.

11079 162a St, Surrey, BC, CA

Green Nature is a company which is located in British Columbia, a production, sales, export and integration of dried fruit development company. From raw materials, production and packaging are done in British Columbia. Beautiful of British Columbia (the BC province) at high latitudes, but the south Pacific affected by monsoon and warm, runs through the northeastern part of the North American continent for the Rocky Mountain barrier, year-round mild climate, humid, and pleasant environment, fertile soil, because where the unique climate and special natural environment gave birth to the world best quality of blueberry fruits. The dried fruits of Green Nature selected the best quality plump blueberry fruits, cranberry fruits and cherry fruits as the production of raw materials, not to extract juice , to maximize the retention of all the original fruits whole grain nutrients, do not add artificial flavors, no artificial coloring, no preservatives, using our unique dry production process, thereby maintaining the Green Nature unique 100% natural quality. Read More
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